Septic Systems

Septic System Installation, Repairs and Maintenance for Fairbury, Dwight, and Surrounding Areas

Your septic system is an essential part of your home. It is responsible for collecting and treating wastewater from your home to keep it out of the environment. Proper maintenance and regular repairs are key to keeping your septic system functioning well and preventing costly repairs.

septic system
septic tank


Choose the qualified and trained team at Popejoy to install and repair your septic system and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance to keep it running smoothly.


Popejoy proudly offers Hotrod Septic Treatment to homeowners in Pontiac, Morris, Streator, Braidwood, Coal City, Dwight, Fairbury, El Paso, Gibson City, Lexington, Chenoa, Gilman, IL and the surrounding areas.

This septic treatment is the most effective on the market and keeps your septic running like new by preventing extensive repairs, extending the life of your septic system, and eliminating all septic odors. Improve your septic system with Hotrod Septic. Learn more here.

Hotrod Septic Treatment