Electrical Safety Tips You Should Always Follow

Electrical Safety

Making sure that the electrical system in your Fairbury, Illinois, home is free of hazards is vital to keeping your home safe for everyone in your household. Check out some of the most common safety tips that you should always follow in your home.

Replace Damaged Power Cords

Through normal use and wear and tear, power cords become broken and frayed. Once the protective coating on the wire gets damaged or stripped away, the power cord becomes a hazard. It’s always best to replace rather than repair extension cords.

Don’t Overload Outfits

Each outlet is designed to deliver a certain amount of electricity to power a particular amount of devices at once. With extension cords, you can power more items on each outlet, but if you draw too much power, you run the risk of starting a fire. Only draw the amount of power each outlet is designed for and invest in a power strip when plugging multiple items into one outlet.

Keep All of Your Electrical Equipment Away From Water

Water conducts electricity, and when exposed to this conduction, you can get seriously injured. You should keep electrical items away from sources of water, make sure that spills are cleaned up, and ensure that plugs and outlets are always kept dry.

Make Your House Safe for Children

Small children are curious and learn about the world by exploring everything around them. To make sure that your children stay safe around your household electricity, always place safety caps on electrical outlets, keep cords tied up and out of the reach of children, and ground all outlets in the kitchen and bathroom.

Follow the tips above to lower the risk of electrical hazards. Have some wiring that is causing you concern? Or perhaps your home was build before GFCIs became mandatory. Contact us at (815) 692-4471 today to upgrade your electrical system. One of our Popejoy Electric specialists will help get your electrical system safe again.

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