7 Commonly Asked Questions About Commercial HVAC in Dwight, IL

commercial HVAC systems

As a business owner, you’re focused on the things that matter to growing your business and expanding your customer base. While wondering about HVAC questions may seem like a distraction from running your business, it’s important to have a basic understanding of the systems that heat and cool your Dwight, IL, commercial building. Let’s discuss some commonly asked questions about commercial HVAC units.

How Can I Increase HVAC Efficiency?

Your commercial HVAC system may not function as efficiently as it could. If you feel that your utility bills are too high, it may be time to consider upgrading or replacing your current system.

A ductwork redesign may add efficiency to your system if your ducts are incorrectly sized or routed. Furthermore, if your current ducts leak air, sealing them may boost system efficiency and save you money on heating and cooling.

Smart thermostats and zoning systems may boost your system’s efficiency through providing heating and cooling when and where you need it. The ability to selectively condition air for certain times or days means that you won’t be paying to heat and cool unused space.

Are High-Efficiency Systems Worth the Extra Cost?

Commercial heating and cooling systems represent a large investment, causing many people to question whether an upgraded system is worth the cost. It’s worth noting that new commercial HVAC systems are highly energy efficient and can make a substantial difference in your utility bills.

Why Is Commercial Maintenance Important?

You count on your HVAC system to keep your customers and employees comfortable. Achieving the right temperature and ventilation is about more than just creating a pleasing environment: Increases in ventilation and air quality boost employee health and productivity.

In addition, routine maintenance ensures optimal system performance by resolving smaller issues before they become bigger problems. A maintenance agreement is a great approach to ensure that your system functions as intended and receives routine maintenance in a timely fashion.

How Often Do I Need to Change the Filters?

Commercial HVAC filters trap dirt, pollen and other contaminants in the filter, keeping them out of your air. Filters also ensure proper airflow to provide adequate ventilation for your business. Clogged filters reduce airflow through the system, limiting ventilation and potentially causing system damage.

A good general rule is to check your filters monthly and change them when they are visibly dirty. If your business utilizes processes that produce airborne contaminants, like sanding and painting, you may need to change your filters more frequently to ensure proper ventilation.

How Long Will My System Last?

A new commercial HVAC system is a significant investment. If you are considering a system replacement, you are most likely curious how long you should expect the new system to last.

While many factors influence system longevity, a commercial HVAC system typically lasts 10 to 15 years. Routine preventative maintenance and filter replacement is key to getting maximum life from your new system.

When Should I Consider a Ductwork Inspection?

If you suspect issues with your ductwork, or if you notice any leaks or gaps in your current ductwork, you should not delay in getting an inspection to ensure you aren’t throwing money away on inefficient ducts. An inspection will also ensure proper duct routing to maximize airflow.

Why Is It Important to Hire a Commercial HVAC Contractor?

A professional contractor with licensed, certified technicians can help you identify and resolve issues quickly before smaller issues turn into larger ones. Regular maintenance to your system by a licensed, certified professional will enhance the performance and extend the life of your system. When it comes time to replace your current system, a knowledgeable professional will find the proper size of replacement system to ensure peak efficiency and performance.

If you have questions about your commercial HVAC system, call us. The potential cost and productivity savings are too great to ignore issues. Reach out to Popejoy Plumbing, Heating, Electric and Geothermal today to review commercial HVAC system and service options for your business.

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