How Can I Make My Furnace Last Longer in Pontiac, IL?

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The average life of furnaces in Pontiac, IL, falls between 15 and 20 years. However, durably constructed furnaces from leading brands can hit 30 years of service life if you give them proper care and maintenance. The following are ways to help your furnace have a long and useful lifespan, keeping your home warm and comfortable during the winter.

Clean and Maintain It Regularly

Just like humans, the health and lifespan of your heating system is solely dependent on the daily routine. If your heating system never receives maintenance and tune-ups, it will wear out often before it even hits 10 years. If you schedule a yearly tune-up, the furnace may very well hit the estimated average life of 20 years and possibly longer.

Change the Filters Often

When we say you should change the filters regularly, we are simply talking about changing them at least once every 90 days. The HVAC filters handle the dust, dirt particles and other elements that flow into the system. If the filters aren’t changed every two or three months, they can become clogged which will affect the airflow.

Poor airflow will cause the system to overwork during each cycle. Using the wrong air filters can also affect the furnace’s life, so always invest in he correct filter recommend by your system’s manufacturer.

Repair Issues Immediately

One furnace-related mistake homeowners make is running their faulty systems without getting them checked and repaired by a professional first. Furnace faults can grow bigger with time, especially when you run the heating system without repairing or replacing the defective component first. HVAC technicians will tell you that if your furnace is showing signs of inefficiency, you should schedule a service visit right away.

Faulty furnaces will signal you by making noises, producing strange noises or not heating your home evenly when left running for hours. No matter how insignificant a furnace problem appears, get it checked immediately by a professional HVAC technician.

Make Your Home Energy Efficient

The service life of your furnace is also dependent on how many hours it operates every day. Keeping your furnace on for many hours every day is a recipe for premature failure.

When your home isn’t energy efficient, the furnace will have to work harder and run longer. If your home has multiple leaks and isn’t properly insulated, your furnace will have to strain to heat it to the desired temperatures. That often will strain the motor, which will ultimately reduce its useful life.

Schedule Regular Home Cleaning

One of the instances in which furnaces fail is when the vents, registers and other mechanical components of the furnace are exposed to a lot of dust and dirt particles. While the air from the outdoors is the leading cause of the dust and other dirty particles channeled to your furnace, these particles could also come from your home indoors.

The return vents and ductwork direct the dirty particles to your furnace during the regular cycles, which could ultimately affect the system’s performance. One of our technicians can check the quality of your indoor air to minimize air quality issues. More dirt in your home means more dirt buildup on your air filters and vents, and this ultimately reduces the lifespan of your furnace.

There are multiple effective and easy ways you can boost the life and efficiency of your furnace. Whether you’re searching for professional furnace tune-up, repairs, maintenance or replacement services, contact our certified technicians at Popejoy Inc. today.

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