3 Bad Habits That Harm Your Plumbing in Fairbury, IL

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While some bad habits may seem minor, they could have lasting effects. This is especially true when it comes to plumbing. The following three bad household habits may be harmful to your plumbing system in Fairbury, IL.

Misusing the Garbage Disposal

Washing the dishes is usually an everyday task. When you’re trying to get through this chore, you may be unaware of the contents you let down your drain. You may also assume that your garbage disposal will handle everything.

That is not entirely true. Your garbage disposal is not 100% effective in breaking up waste from your kitchen. Some materials such as rice, pasta, potato peels, coffee grounds and eggshells will still make their way down your drain.

Such materials will settle on your pipes over time, damaging the garbage disposal and piping system. The same applies to pouring greasy substances such as oils and fats down the drain. Running the hot water after you do so will not protect your pipes.

With time, these oils and fats will layer up into a hard substance that could clog your drains. Clogged drains are a major plumbing problem that will require professional drain cleaning services.

Turning the Toilet Into a Trash Can

Considering your toilet as the perfect trash can to wash away all types of household waste is a bad idea. Some people believe that toilets could be a convenient way to dispose of biodegradable waste, wipes, tissue papers, and kitten litter.

Most household waste causes complications in your plumbing system. We recommend not attempting to take chances with any form of home garbage. After all, it is healthier and more environmentally friendly to dispose of trash in the trash can.

Shrugging Off Small Leaks

What you deem as a small leak in your pipes can quickly evolve into a major plumbing problem. It is best if you address a leak with a repair from a plumber immediately. Over time, small leaks in different areas of your home, even the hidden ones, can raise your water bills drastically.

Be aware of the contents you allow down your drains. Furthermore, it’s wise to get routine pipe inspections. Contact and hire Popejoy Inc experts to assist you with drain cleaning and repairs for your home.

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