Did You Know These 5 Benefits of a Water Softener in Pontiac, IL?

water softener in home

Water can be soft, moderately hard, hard or very hard. The telltale signs of hard water in Pontiac, IL, include stains on utensils and sinks, faded clothes after washing, water doesn’t lather with soap and your skin and hair feel dry after washing. Below are five benefits of a water softener for your water at home.

Use Less Detergent

Soft water lathers easily with detergents. This makes your washing machine more efficient, you will use less detergent and your clothes will be cleaner. Further, the cleaning time will shorten significantly.

No Stains on Household Items

Hard water forms stains on your clothes, cups, cutlery, sinks, bathtubs and appliances. The stains are unsightly and necessitate frequent cleaning of your household items. These stains are more evident in your kitchen and bathroom.

Soft water doesn’t leave behind sediment that can stain your household items. Talk to our technician to install a water softener in your home.

Healthier Hair and Skin

The salts in hard water dry your skin and hair. It also dissolves the natural oil from your skin and hair. Further, the water might leave a film on the skin that makes your skin look dirty.

Soft water doesn’t dry your skin or remove the natural oil. You will also maintain your skin hygiene better now that you do not have a film left on your skin.

Use Less Water

Because lather fails to form readily and scum forms on your clothes during laundry, you will use more water to clean the clothes. When using soft water, the cleaning process is fast and efficient, resulting in less water used.

Pipes Do Not Clog

Hard water forms scales that attach to the sides of the pipes. If this happens for a long time, the pipes might block, leading to costly replacements or unclogging.

A water softener can help you avoid several problems with your plumbing. Call Popejoy Inc. in Pontiac, IL, for water treatment services or for comprehensive HVAC services today.

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