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Water Softener

Water Softener Systems and Installation in Fairbury, Dwight, Pontiac and Surrounding Areas

For many homeowners in and around Pontiac, Dwight, or Fairbury, Illinois, hard water is a source of frustration. At Popejoy Plumbing, Heating, Electric and Geothermal, we aim to change that by making water quality solutions more accessible than ever.

The Hard Truth About Hard Water

Hard water is primarily formed when groundwater flows through certain types of soft rocks. Water is very good at dissolving these rocks into their basic mineral components, including calcium and magnesium. When the groundwater enters your water supply, it carries high volumes of these dissolved minerals along with it.

Depending on the types and concentrations of minerals, this can give your water a distinctly off-putting taste and odor. Inside your plumbing system, some of the dissolved minerals can also precipitate out and form deposits and blockages. Mineral ions can interact with soap as well, causing it to work less effectively and producing a residue called soap scum. These problems can be a nightmare for homeowners, making everyday tasks a chore and potentially causing serious plumbing issues.

Water Softener Systems Offer a Solution

The good news is that you don’t have to accept hard water in your home. Modern water softeners offer excellent performance and value, making it easy to treat even the most mineral-heavy water supplies. When properly sized and installed, a quality water softening treatment system can seamlessly neutralize unwanted minerals without disrupting your normal water usage.

Most of these home water softener systems work by passing hard water through a tank filled with specialized resin beads. These beads are coated so that they attract and trap mineral ions, removing them from the water. When the beads begin losing their ability to trap ions, they’re automatically rinsed with water from a secondary brine tank. This “recharges” them and restores the system’s ability to soften your water.

Pontiac’s Water Softener Installation Pros

As with all appliances, water softener home treatment systems are only effective if they’re installed properly. In addition to carefully connecting your system and testing it thoroughly, this also means ensuring it’s sized correctly. A system that’s too big or too small for your home may cause problems and provide inadequate treatment.

At Popejoy Plumbing, Heating, Electric and Geothermal, our service technicians have the knowledge and experience to get the job done. We factor in your water usage, personal preferences, and water supply quality to provide the perfect fit for your needs. This ensures predictable performance, consistent water quality and an uninterrupted supply of fresh, soft water.

If your home is plagued by hard water, Central Illinois’ water quality specialists are on the case. Whatever your needs, you can count on Popejoy Plumbing, Heating, Electric and Geothermal for exceptional service at an affordable price.

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