5 Ways to Tell If Your House in Morris, IL, Needs Rewiring

Electrician rewiring

Electricity is important for keeping critical appliances and lights operational and dependable. Proper wiring protects the safety, convenience and value of your home. Here are five signs that your house in Morris, IL, needs rewiring.

Periodic Flickering or Dimming

Faulty wiring can lead to house fires, and your home is at greater risk if it has unsafe and outdated wiring. Wiring materials like wire insulation deteriorate over time without proper maintenance.

If you notice your lights flickering or dimming, then you may have faulty wiring. A spike or decline in power can indicate a problem with loose wiring or faulty circuits. You can have a service technician inspect your wiring and determine the cause of the problem.

Blown Fuses

Modern electrical appliances often have higher energy requirements that old fuses cannot deliver. This leads to regularly blown fuses. Rewiring your home with more modern circuit breakers will help to improve your safety and convenience.

Sparking Outlets

In addition to indicating a problem with your wiring, sparking outlets can be a safety issue. They may mean that your outlets are short-circuiting, building up excessive heat within the outlet and causing melted insulation. These issues can lead to electrical fires.

Burnt-Out Light Bulbs

A common sign of wiring problems is a suddenly burnt-out light bulb. It usually indicates an issue with your wiring causing fluctuations in voltage. If your light bulbs are constantly burning out, your home may need rewiring.

Faint Smell of Burning

Small fires caused by electrical shorts produce a faint smell of burning. It is important to have a qualified electrician to check the source of the smell to prevent a house fire. You may also consider rewiring to make your system more efficient.

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