How to Choose the Right Furnace in Morris, IL


Your Morris, IL, home can experience cool temperatures and cold weather conditions over the fall season. So, if you are in the market for a new furnace, there are several considerations that you need to consider to ensure you’re making the appropriate choice. Here are the factors to keep in mind.

The Source of Fuel

When it comes to choosing the ideal furnace for your needs, fuel is probably the first factor you need to consider. Currently, gas is undoubtedly the most popular source of fuel since its easily affordable and readily available. Also, in addition to being more affordable and easier to install, gas furnaces are cleaner than oil furnaces.

However, you may have to opt for an oil furnace if the gas supply isn’t available in your region. Ultimately, electric furnaces are also affordable to purchase and install. Nevertheless, they can substantially raise your electricity bills.

Efficiency Is Inevitable

First, always opt for high efficiency. Above all, one of the reasons you need to upgrade your furnace is to reduce the gas expenses. Advanced and high-efficiency furnaces can lower your monthly gas expenses by almost 50% compared to the less-effective and outdated heating systems.

Over the long run, having an effective furnace saves you a lot since besides keeping your house cozy, it is also quieter. As a general rule, it would be wise to purchase a furnace that incorporates an efficiency rating of at least 95%.

Furnace Size Makes a Difference

The specifications that come with the furnace need to solve your requirements. Notably, a furnace that is too small won’t keep your home warm during the freezing months. Therefore, to avoid this problem, you may need to purchase a furnace that is the correct size for your home.

On the other hand, you also shouldn’t buy a furnace too large for your space as it may end up wasting energy, cycle on and off much more often, causing early wear and tear, and in the end, providing uneven heating and not keeping your home comfortable in all rooms.

Furnace Location

Think about the furnace’s location. While you can install most outside your house walls, you can install some in a garage, basement or attic. Basically, the furnace’s physical size plays a key role when it comes to determining where you need to position it.

Moreover, location affects exhausting and venting of the carbon monoxide fumes as a result of heat generation and air supply required for combustion. Remember that these aspects don’t affect electric furnaces.

Your Budget

There are different fuels like gas and oil for furnaces, but the most popular energy source is natural gas. Oil and gas-powered furnaces are ideal for regions that experience severe winter temperatures.

Assess AFUE Ratings

AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) denotes the general energy efficiency of a specific furnace. Generally, manufacturers use percentages to describe the AFUE ratings, and the higher the percentage, the higher the efficiency.

Usually, oil furnaces come with an AFUE rating of between 60% and 80%. On the other hand, gas furnaces can attain AFUE ratings of as high as 98%.

As you can see, the type of fuel used isn’t the only aspect to consider. Here, you need to assess various furnace models to determine the one that gives you unsurpassed cost savings. You can also use EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) to recognize the most cost-effective and efficient furnace for your house.

While the gas furnaces may be more costly than the oil-powered furnaces, it’s worth noting that gas furnaces have much higher efficiency ratings. So, you’ll save money on the cost of fuel, plus the actual efficiency of the furnace.

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