Why You Want to Leave Excavation to the Professionals In El Paso, IL

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Excavation is an integral part of any construction project, but it has its fair share of associated risks. To ensure that the excavation process is safe and successful, you should hire a professional excavator in El Paso, IL.

Professional Contractors Know What They’re Doing

Whenever you have a construction project, you need to hire a professional excavator who will work around your sewer lines, gas lines and water lines. An experienced excavator has the skills and knowledge required to provide fast and efficient excavating services around utility lines in El Paso, IL.

You need to understand that the excavation process is dangerous, and only a trained and skilled excavator can navigate the process with the desired caution. They also know that the excavation process needs to comply with local and state building codes.

Sometimes, the excavation process can compromise the water, sewer, and gas lines, and the contractors need to dig them up for repair or replacement. This is another reason why you would want to work with a professional excavator.

Atmospheric Testing

An excavated area is prone to toxic gases and other hazardous fumes that can travel to the bottom of the trenches and reduce oxygen levels. However, these gases and fumes are scentless and invisible, so they’re difficult to detect. Therefore, technicians should carry out atmospheric testing to detect the presence of these gases.

Protective Clothing Is Necessary

Contractors entering a construction site must always wear protective gear. This clothing includes hard hats, steel toecap boots, and bright vests. Protective equipment minimizes the risks of accidents in the construction area.

Heavy Machinery

During an excavation, contractors will have to work with heavy machinery to move suspended loads. Working with such equipment and loads is dangerous if you’re not trained to know how to do it.

Unknown Depths

Some people assume that their water, sewer and gas lines are in the same depth throughout the excavation route. However, in El Paso, IL, these utility lines can be anywhere between 4 and 18 feet, depending on the material and the application. A skilled technician knows how to properly determine the depths of these lines.

The piping infrastructure and local codes will determine the water, sewer and gas lines’ depth. If you have a construction project in El Paso, IL, contact us at Popejoy Plumbing, Heating, Electric, and Geothermal today for all types of excavation services.

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