Complete Guide to Home Water Filtration Systems in Gridley, IL

installing water filtration

A home water filtration system treats water at the point where it enters your home. This allows for the supply of filtered and clean water everywhere you need it in your home. Here are six types of water filtration systems that you can use in your home in Gridley, IL.

Sediment Filtration

You’ll usually find sediment filtration in water filtration systems in homes, industrial water treatment plants and businesses. This type of system eliminates unsafe residue like sand and dust. It also removes heavy metals and other particles found in water.

A sediment filter has a melt-blown polypropylene with a micron rating ranging that goes up to 100 microns. A whole-home filtration system can use a sediment filter alone, or it can use other filters to provide additional excellent filtration. The filter works to protect the rest of the filters from blockage by massive particles.

Activated Carbon Block Filtration

Activated carbon block filters effectively remove contaminants such as chlorine from the water. The fine carbon powder present holds it together while staying static through a binding agent. The activated carbon filters have tiny pore sizes that make them high-resistant filters against bacterial growth.

Impurities that are larger than the filter are usually absorbed and accumulated on the triggered carbon surface as the water flows through the pores. The charged carbon draws all the negatively charged compounds like chlorine and eliminates the bad taste and smell from water. The water retains essential minerals that we require and has a long filter life.

Reverse Osmosis Filtration

This filtration technology uses a semipermeable membrane to catch inorganic impurities from water and produces hygienic drinking water. The pore size can remove pollutants found in water like bacteria. The collected contaminants on the membrane’s surface are usually flushed as wastewater to preserve the membrane and last longer.


Ultrafiltration technology uses hydrostatic stress to force the water over a submicron semipermeable membrane to filter out pollutants found in water. Ultrafiltration is often combined with other systems like sediment activated carbon to work more effectively for water treatment.

It retains essential minerals in the water while providing a faster flow of the water. It can function under low water pressure and has a simple connection and replacement process.


An alkaline ionizer uses water electrolysis to modify molecular water arrangement to get antioxidant-rich ionized water for drinking and corroding ionized bitter water for cleaning and disinfecting. The incoming water goes over an internal filter to decrease pollutants and leave some impurities. The impurities are usually left to make the alkaline ionizer function correctly.

Water then moves to a low current plate with positive and negative electrodes to undergo a water electrolysis procedure. The electrodes that are positive and negative will then attract contaminants according to their electric charge.

Alkaline water occurs when positively charged ions pass to the negative pole electrode. The negatively charged ions then move toward the positive pole conductor to produce acidic water. Ionization is capable of adjusting the pH of the water to meet your needs.


Many homeowners use the distillation process to purify their water. The water distiller evaporates the water by boiling it to the boiling point using electric energy. This system traps and condenses steam to create clean, purified water in liquid form.

The distillation procedure leaves impurities behind when it is evaporating and condensing water. The system evacuates the impurities.

Distillation does not require filter cartridge replacement. It can remove dissolved solids and bacteria while being a vital water purifier system that eliminates the majority of impurities found in water.

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