4 Furnace Noises in Pontiac, IL and What They Mean

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Mechanical appliances make some sound when operating. Since the sounds are fairly unnoticeable in most heating systems, sudden unusual and loud noises from your furnace point to a problem. Find out below what certain noises from your furnace in Pontiac, IL mean.

1. Rattling

One of the simplest causes of this sound are loose bolts in the access hatch. If the problem is far worse, there could be cracks in the motor fan belt.

Don’t try to fix the issue yourself because it requires special equipment. Instead, contact an expert for the best service.

2. Clicking

It’s the sound of the igniter and happens as the unit turns on. However, excessive and repeated clicking signifies a major concern. The issue might result from loose wiring or a leaking valve.

Also, there could be an issue with the condenser or the control panel if the unit makes such noises throughout the heating cycle. You need to call a specialist to inspect the unit and repair the components raising the concern.

3. Popping

This unusual sound for the unit is often due to the burner struggling to reach a hot-enough temperature to burn the gas. Then, tiny pops happen, especially when the burner has dirt on the surface. The issue can cause cracks on the heat exchanger.

4. Squealing

A high-pitched screeching sound from your system points to a problem with the blower. The motor on the unit powers the blower and has a bearing that wears due to age or heat, thus producing the sound.

Fixing this issue is relatively affordable, although you need a professional to do the work. They lubricate the parts or replace them if they are seriously damaged.

Reach out to our contractors if your heating unit makes weird sounds. They are highly qualified to fix all system concerns and are available 24/7 for emergency heating services. Contact Popejoy Plumbing, Heating, Electric, and Geothermal for furnace repair services in Pontiac, IL, and surrounding communities.

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