Why Choose A Ductless Mini-Split System Over Space Heaters in Dwight, IL

Ductless mini-split system

If you live in Dwight, IL, you understand the need to arm yourself with the right heater to brace for the chilly winter. While most homes have furnaces, some don’t, forcing residents to seek either space heaters or ductless HVAC systems. Some homeowners may have furnaces that don’t adequately heat their space also. Here are reasons why you should consider a ductless mini-split system over a space heater.

Indoor Air Quality

The ductless system plays a critical role in maintaining the indoor air quality of your home. These units contain washable air filters that help to trap dirt, bacteria and other airborne contaminants. However, remember to replace the air filters regularly to continue enjoying its benefits.

Most mini-split systems feature dehumidifiers. These components help to remove excess moisture from the air while in cooling mode. During winter, the “dry mode” comes in handy as it removes excess air moisture.

As stated above, space heaters only help to warm your home. Hence, the multi-functionality of the ductless mini-split system makes it a better investment than portable heaters.


The space heaters use electricity or fuel to heat homes. The selection of combustible fuel-based heaters poses the risk of air contamination with toxins such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. Additionally, these heaters sometimes introduce vapor into your home, causing the growth of unwanted fungi or bacteria.

According to the findings of Energy Saver, space heaters cause 1,700 residential fires and 80 fatalities annually. Generally, most fires occur due to overloading, contact with flammable materials or accidents by kids and pets.

Safety should be a priority when considering your next purchase of heaters, particularly in spaces that lack vents. Luckily, ductless mini-split systems don’t pose the risks associated with space heaters as they function like any other HVAC system.

Cooling Capability

By design and functionality, space heaters only serve one purpose: heating your spaces. As such, you can only use them when you want warm air in your home. On the other hand, ductless systems have cooling capabilities, making them an all-in-one HVAC solution.

Energy Efficiency

With zoning technology, you can heat multiple rooms concurrently with ductless systems. This feature is impossible with portable heaters as you can only heat one room at a time. Therefore, you will save more energy when heating several rooms using ductless systems.

The ductless mini-split system allows you to program heating requirements for your home. This action allows the unit to operate only when necessary, rather than running throughout the day. On the other hand, space heaters lack programming features, so you must manually change them for optimal temperatures.

The ductless mini split has heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF) ratings, allowing maximum energy efficiency. Unlike central air conditioners, mini-split systems lack ductwork, translating to zero heat losses during energy transfer.

The space heaters are only effective when you’re heating a single room. However, this equipment is power-consuming if you plan to heat several spaces. It’s better, then, to use a ductless mini split.


The space heaters emit heat only a few square feet away. Consequently, you may experience cold spots within your spaces, especially in large rooms. On the other hand, ductless mini-split systems ensure even temperatures throughout the areas, no matter the size.

In zoned homes, the ductless systems have thermostats for each room. This feature gives users more control and autonomy over their preferred temperature settings. The precision in varied heating spaces makes homeowners enjoy better indoor comfort with ductless systems.

Easy to Install

The portable heaters take the upper hand on ease of installation over ductless systems. All you need is to plug the unit in and power it on. Nevertheless, ductless systems are relatively easy to install compared to furnaces and conventional HVAC systems.

During installation, we will first position the interior and exterior units. Then we drill one small hole to allow for a connecting conduit between the units. The process is easy and typically takes just a couple of hours, depending on the number of units to install.

The ductless mini-split system offers more versatility, flexibility and unparalleled comfort compared to portable heaters. Call Popejoy Inc., experts in heating and cooling systems for your ductless installation needs.

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