Do I Need a New Heat Pump in Fairbury, IL?

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Perhaps your heat pump has served you faithfully for years here in Fairbury, IL. Perhaps you plan to move, and you want to boost the value of your home with a new comfort unit. Replacing your heat pump can be a tough decision unless you take into account the following three factors.

Age and Level of Wear

If you intend to get all you can from your heat pump, know that these systems can run efficiently for up to 20 years if well-maintained. But balance this with the level of wear it has already incurred. A 15-year-old system that runs well won’t need replacing, whereas a 10-year-old system with serious problems will.

To tell how worn-out a heat pump is, simply consider its performance. Does it short-cycle, or does it, conversely, run for what seems like forever? In either case, it probably won’t give you the cool air you desire.

Frequency of Repairs

Let’s say that your heat pump short cycles, runs too long, or throws out other problems and that you’ve had it repaired several times before. If these repairs didn’t put a dent in the quality of performance, that shows that the issues are irreversible, and the choice becomes clear.

Quality of the Indoor Air

Quality of cooling goes hand in hand with indoor air quality. An inefficient heat pump will fail to remove humidity, will make the air stale and can indirectly worsen asthma and allergy symptoms.

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