What’s That HVAC Sound?

HVAC Sound

HVAC systems are known for making many different sounds that are actually quite normal. If your Dwight, Illinois, home’s HVAC unit begins making unusual sounds you’ve never heard before, it can indicate when something is wrong. Here are four HVAC sounds to listen for to make sure your system is running smoothly.


If the banging sound is coming directly from your HVAC unit, there could be an issue with the blower assembly. Turn off your HVAC system, and call one of our technicians to inspect the issue.


A popping sound is often due to the metal on your ductwork expanding when you turn on your HVAC system, so this isn’t a sound that should cause you concern right away. However, popping can also indicate that dirt has collected on the furnace burners. Because ignition is delayed, gas builds up. When it ignites, you’ll hear a loud pop or bang. These small explosions can damage your furnace or crack your heat exchanger. To avoid expensive repairs, call your technician right away.


A prolonged squealing sound when turning your HVAC on is usually a sign of a bad belt or motor bearing. The belt might just need lubrication, but the squealing can also indicate that a part needs repairing. Replacing a bad belt or motor bearing could be the solution so call the professionals before it causes further damage.


A whistling sound may indicate an air flow problem, due to a clogged filter preventing adequate air flow through your HVAC system. A simple fix is to replace the air filter. A whistling sound could also be an indication of holes in the ductwork. Call us to clean and repair your ductwork and restore quiet in your home. Whistling can also indicate that your ductwork is too small. Call one of our HVAC experts to evaluate your system’s airflow requirement.

Are any of these sounds familiar to you? We are here to help. Call us today at (815) 692-4471.

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