7 Common Commercial Plumbing Concerns You Should Never Ignore

Commercial Plumbing Concerns

Plumbing is an important part of your Fairbury, Illinois, business. It provides the necessary utilities to your customers and employees, and it should be maintained so your business can run smoothly. While not all plumbing issues should cause you to panic, here are seven common commercial plumbing issues that should be addressed immediately.

Leaky Faucets

At first, faucet leaks might not be a cause for major concern. But a leaky faucet wastes water with every extra drop, which can result in wasted dollars on higher-than-normal water bills. Leaky faucets also are a warning sign for an issue you can’t see in the open. Pipes could be worn and leaking water inside your floor and walls, leading to possible water damage and biological growth. Save money on water bills and potential extensive repairs by scheduling a checkup for your leaky faucet.

Clogged Drains

In commercial buildings, clogged drains can be much more complicated problems than in residential homes. Debris can easily clog pipes in toilets and sinks, building up and slowing down the flow of water. Clogged drains can lead to significant issues down the line as well as problems for customers and employees, such as overflowing toilets. Be sure to have a plumber check clogged drains to prevent further issues.

Running Toilets

Running toilets can be a significant drain on your water supply but can also be a signal of a serious problem with the toilet. If you jiggle the handle, and it doesn’t rectify the problem, then you may want to consider replacing the internal components. If this still does not stop the toilet from running, it’s best to contact a plumber or invest in a newer model toilet.

Silent Leaks

When it comes to silent leaks, you’re unable to detect them until they cause significant water damage. You can monitor possible leaks by diligently watching your water bill and looking for increases that can’t be explained. Otherwise, you may not detect a problem until you experience water damage in your business, prompting an emergency plumbing call. If you suspect a leak for any reason, you should call your commercial plumber as soon as possible.

Problems With Your Hot Water Supply

It’s important to have your commercial water heater inspected a few times a year to make sure it’s functioning properly. If you don’t have regular service, you may start having problems with your hot water supply, and it might be time to have your water heater professionally cleaned or repaired.

You may also run into problems with your hot water heater temperature settings, such as water that doesn’t get hot quickly or becomes too hot. If your business’s building is experiencing these issues, check your water heater setting. If it isn’t set appropriately, contact your technician for service to address the problem.

The Smell of Sewage

The smell of sewage can be a strong indication of a plumbing problem. If drain somewhere hasn’t been used in a while it could be that the p-trap has dried out. All that’s needed is to run some water into the drain. However, it could also be a sign that the sewer line is blocked, which can lead to backups resulting in serious health hazards. If you detect this smell in the building and you know it isn’t a dry drain, call for assistance right away, and stop using your water and waste system. A commercial plumber can usually detect the blockage in your sewer line quickly and rectify the problem right away.

Reduced Water Pressure

Low water pressure can often be a sign of leaking or burst pipes and should be addressed immediately to prevent a bigger problem. Contact your commercial plumbing professional to inspect your waterline system. They can diagnose the problem and get started on a remedy right away so your business can do what it does best.

If you notice any of the plumbing concerns listed above, contact Popejoy Inc. at (815) 692-4471 today. One of our commercial plumbers can help address and correct these issues so that you can get back to business.

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