3 Common Plumbing Problems You Should Never Wait to Address

Plumbing Problems

As a busy homeowner in Lexington, Illinois, you can’t always drop whatever you’re doing to tackle home repairs. However, there are some problems you can’t ignore. Here are three common plumbing issues that you should address right away when they occur.

Clogs That Keep Coming Back

Every home has a clogged drain in a sink, tub, or shower from time to time. While an occasional blockage is not necessarily an emergency, you should take action if your drains are regularly clogging. Occasionally, you may have a clog in the main line of the sewer system, which can’t be reached with do-it-yourself drain cleaner or plunger. A professional can use cameras to confirm this problem and use hydro jetting or augers to remove deeply embedded clogs.

Inadequate Water Pressure

If the water from your faucets has decreased dramatically, it’s a sign of trouble in your plumbing. Even in an aging system, the water pressure should be consistent throughout the house. A sudden drop in water pressure may be a sign that a leak has developed deep in your system and is siphoning off the water before it gets to your faucets. Make sure the pressure-reducing valve is working, and if it is, call a professional to find the leak before it damages your property.

Phantom Flushes

Phantom flushes is that sound you hear when a toilet flushes without anyone pressing the level. While they may seem like a mere annoyance, they can damage not only the toilet but also the pipes. These flushes cause wear and tear of toilet parts, forcing you to replace your toilet more often than necessary. Call in professionals to find the component causing the phantom flushes before it affects your plumbing system.

Staying on top of small problems keeps them from becoming major issues that significantly damage property. When you recognize that a plumbing problem in your home requires immediate attention, contact us at (815) 692-4471. Popejoy Plumbing, Heating, Electric and Geothermal will send out a friendly and professional team member to assess the problem and get started on the solution.

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