Different Types of Air Filters and Tips for Choosing the Right One in El Paso, IL

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There are many reasons to invest in quality air filters. Whether you want to improve your health or keep your El Paso, IL home clean, the benefits are indisputable. Here are some of the filter choices you have to choose from and some tips for picking the right one for your needs.

Pleated Filters

Pleated filters consist of many layers of filter media. These filters are ideal for use in rooms larger than five hundred square feet and are more efficient at removing smaller pollutant particles compared to other filters.

The pleats increase the surface area of pleated filters, thus improving their performance. They are also more durable and, in some cases, recyclable. However, due to their pleats and thickness, these filters can restrict the airflow to your HVAC system.

Media Filters

Housed inside a metal cabinet, media filters consist of a paper-like substance folded into pleats. While the filter is just six inches wide, the pleated cloth can cover 75 square feet when unfolded. Because of the greater surface area, media filters are seven times more effective than ordinary air filters.

The large surface area also explains why media filters have such long lifespans. Depending on the climate, these filters can last up to two years.

A professional needs to do the initial media filter installation, as the process is more intricate than simply replacing a filter inside your home. However, once the filter cabinet is ready for use, replacing the filters themselves is a relatively easy process.

Electrostatic Filters

Electrostatic filters, also often known as washable filters, charge particles that pass through them with static electricity. This allows the filter itself to trap airborne contaminants, including allergens and dust. Essentially, electrostatic filters use magnetism to stop contaminants from dispersing through the air.

Spun Glass Filters

Spun glass filters are also known as flat-paneled filters. They consist of strands of glass spun together and strengthened by a metal grating. Glass fibers are generally made of fiberglass.

Due to the relative looseness of the fiber wave, spun glass filters generally capture fewer airborne particulates than other types of filters. The tradeoff is that they’re often less expensive than other types of filters. They help filter out the biggest contaminants, but some allergens — and other irritants, like smoke — can still pass through these filters.

UV Light Filters

UV light filters employ short-wave UV light to destroy germs and viruses. The UV light in these filters disinfects the air as it passes through with germicidal radiation.

At the same time, UV light filters aren’t necessarily made to capture particles that float throughout the air. Instead, they kill off living organisms like germs and bacteria. That means that they’re best used in concert with other filtration systems; that way, the UV filter will kill off germs and your other filtration medium will remove dirt, dust and allergens from your indoor air.

Choosing the Right Air Filter

Perhaps the biggest consideration when it comes to air filters for your HVAC is what you want to remove from your home’s air. If you regularly suffer from allergies, for instance, it may be worth investing in a pleated filter. Media filters are also excellent options, but a professional needs to modify your existing system to utilize them.

Similarly, if bacteria is a bigger concern, UV light filtration systems will help, but if the air quality in your area is poor, they may not be as useful as other types. It’s important to take into account the climate in your area.

At Popejoy Inc, we offer a wide range of indoor air quality and AC repair and installation services for the residents of El Paso, IL and the surrounding areas. All our services and products are ideal for removing pollutants in your home or business. Whether you need replacement filters or want to upgrade your current filtration system, we will help you find the perfect solution.

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