What’s That Smell?

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HVAC odors in your Dwight, Illinois, home can spell trouble. Certain smells are especially concerning, while others are more unpleasant than worrisome. If you catch a whiff of something in your air, take a look at what the odor could mean and what you may need to do next.

Rotten Eggs

The familiar smell of rotten eggs often indicates a natural gas leak, which is especially concerning for the safety of your home. A leak could occur in the heating system, which an HVAC professional should check out. As soon as you smell the sulfuric odor of rotten eggs, turn off your HVAC system to protect your home. Be sure to contact the local gas company, as well. They can send a technician to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Stale Odor

If you smell a stale, musty odor in your air, it could mean that the condensate system in your air conditioner isn’t draining properly. If the drain gets clogged, excess moisture can cause biological growth. From there, the spores can start to spread through the air as the AC system runs, leading to the musty smell. This growth can also impact your ductwork if the moisture spreads throughout the system.


The smell of smoke in your home’s HVAC system can mean a couple of things. If the odor comes from circulated cigarette smoke, you may need to upgrade the filter in the system to improve the filtration. A burning smell may indicate a serious problem in the HVAC system. You could have an active fire, even if you can’t see one burning, so turn off the system immediately. An HVAC technician can determine what has caused the odor, which could also come from an oil leak or a burned belt.

When you smell something concerning from your HVAC system, it’s best to contact Popejoy Inc. Plumbing, Heating, Electric at (815) 692-4471. Reach out to us, and we can send a technician to your home right away to diagnose the problem.

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