5 Advantages of an Indoor Air Purifier in Fairbury, IL

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In the heat of summer and during the long winters in Fairbury, IL, it’s typical to spend more time inside with the windows closed and the HVAC system running. But the air that’s circulating through your home may be far dirtier than the air outside. Here are five ways that an air purifier can clean…


Impact of Pets on an HVAC System

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Although pets are wonderful to have in your Fairbury, IL, home, they can cause problems in your homes’ HVAC unit. While you may not mind that they shed on your furniture or sometimes track mud on your floor, it’s good to understand their impact on your HVAC system. Frequent Cleaning Pets can sometimes shed a…


Keeping Allergies at Bay Inside Your Home

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Originally published in May 2017, updated in March 2020. The upcoming spring and summer months are prime time for allergies in the Pontiac, Illinois, and surrounding area. If your family is suffering from common symptoms like congestion, itchy eyes, a runny nose, and persistent coughing, allergens could be to blame. Keep the air clear inside…


3 Signs You Need a New HVAC System

Old HVAC System

Installing a new HVAC system for your Gibson City, Illinois, home could be more economical than getting your current system repaired. It can also make you and your family members more comfortable and increase the value of your house. If you have an older heater and air conditioner, high utility bills, or frequent breakdowns, you…


3 Ways to Avoid Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) evaporate near room temperature and are in many air fresheners, paints, cleaners, glues, and fuels. Xylene, acetone, benzene, and formaldehyde are VOCs. These substances can lead to fatigue, dizziness, headaches, asthma symptoms, headaches, and other health issues. Fortunately, you can avoid most VOCs in your Gibson City, Illinois, home by using…


6 Common Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Poor Indoor Air

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can’t be seen, but this invisible hazard can impact your health and comfort. Watch for these signs of poor indoor air quality in your Pontiac, Illinois, home so you can take action if your house is indeed affected. Poor air quality isn’t something you have to live with. If you…


3 Reasons to Stay on Top of Your Maintenance Scheduling

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Scheduling regular maintenance is a crucial part of taking care of your heating and cooling system. Your air conditioner and furnace need regular care and attention to keep up with the demands of the Dwight, Illinois, climate. If you schedule HVAC tune-ups on a regular basis, you’ll enjoy several valuable perks. Your System Lives Longer…


What’s That Smell?

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HVAC odors in your Dwight, Illinois, home can spell trouble. Certain smells are especially concerning, while others are more unpleasant than worrisome. If you catch a whiff of something in your air, take a look at what the odor could mean and what you may need to do next. Rotten Eggs The familiar smell of…


How Duct Cleaning Improves Your Indoor Air Quality

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Many newer homes here in Gibson City, Illinois, have a lot of insulation to help you conserve energy. Unfortunately, it can also keep contaminants like dirt, pollen, dust, and pet dander from escaping. Regular duct cleaning improves your indoor air quality by reducing pollutants, preventing illnesses, and making you and your family more comfortable. Reducing…


HVAC Maintenance Is a Money-Saving Opportunity

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Your HVAC system works hard keeping your Dwight, Illinois, home comfortable throughout the year. With all that work, a maintenance plan is important to ensure everything is running smoothly. HVAC maintenance can catch wear and tear before it leads to costly repairs, saving you money in the long run. Here’s a quick guide to HVAC…


Make Your MERV: What to Know About MERV Ratings

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Whatever the time of year, seasonal and environmental allergies in Streator, Illinois, can make breathing easy a challenge. But if you can catch allergens before they spread through your home by trapping them in your HVAC system with the right air filter you can minimize their effects. You probably already know to change your filters…